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Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing

Putting values into action

We have comprehensive metrics and frameworks for aligning investments with our clients’ values. Our approach to socially responsible investing includes both exclusionary investing – avoiding or divesting from certain sectors – and positive screens. Using environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria, we screen companies and products for their values, in the hope that our monetary vote leads to change.

<strong>Investing in a Better Tomorrow</strong>

Investing in a Better Tomorrow

We’ve has always had an eye towards aligning our clients’ finances with their values. Now that there are much better tools to measure the impact of our investments, we knew we wanted to make these available to our clients, and we’ve brought on the resources to do that. We want the legacy that we leave, as much as those of our clients, to be positive.

<strong>Live Your Life by Design, Not by Default</strong>

Live Your Life by Design, Not by Default

Everything we do at Arazon Financial Group, LLC is dedicated to helping you pursue freedom: the freedom to choose how to spend your precious time. We believe your goals should drive your investments – not the other way around. Our investing approach views finances as a key tool for designing your future, not as a constraint.

*Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) / Environmental Social Governance (ESG) investing has certain risks based on the fact that the criteria excludes securities of certain issuers for non-financial reasons and, therefore, investors may forgo some market opportunities and the universe of investments available will be smaller