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Our Process

Step 1. Discovery

It’s important for you and a financial advisor to get to know one another before working together. Whether you’re determining your vision for retirement, looking to finalize your estate plan or planning to retire soon, we will help you discover where your life and financial goals intersect.

Step 2. Data Gathering & Confirmation

We take a holistic approach to wealth planning by understanding your life goals and risk tolerance. In order to build a wealth plan that’ll set you on the path toward your goals, we take a comprehensive look at your life and finances. 

Step 3. Proposal

 After understanding every financial and non-financial asset in your life, we create a personalized wealth plan – a plan that’ll serve as the road map toward your goals.

Step 4. Implementation

We set your wealth plan in action, then consistently monitor your plan and keep in touch with you. We’ll make any needed updates to reflect any major life changes or market factors.

 Step 5. Monitor & Review

Once your wealth plan is in motion, we meet with you annually to check in on your goals, evaluate your plan, and work to make sure your money is working in your best interest. Having a plan is a start – but we help ensure that the plan is in motion and stays in motion.


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