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Wealth Transfer

You've made enough to last a lifetime, and perhaps many more. Planning is easy now, right?

Our experience with clients tells us that this is not true. In many cases, the decisions made around giving money away can be tougher than making the money itself. Laws, taxes, and your opinions of beneficiaries can change. 

    We've seen the unintended consequences of poor planning.

  • A delayed process. 
  • Disputes among family members. 
  • Stress on executors and business partners. 
  • Undue tax burdens on high-earning beneficiaries. 
  • Forced sales on property, businesses, and family legacy items. 

You need planning, communication, and fiduciary control to carry out your wishes. We can work with you and your other family advisors to keep everybody prepared.

    Primary services include:

  •  Discussions of your wealth transfer goals
  •  "Estate flow" mapping
  •  Business Continuation
  •  Business Succession
  •  Design and purchase of life insurance for:
    • Buy/Sell Agreements
    • Family Income Needs
    • Estate Tax Payments
  •  Gifting strategies
  •  Considerations of tax impacts to heirs
  •  Reviews and updates of all beneficiaries
  •  Coordination of asset titling
  •  Ideas for estate liquidity at death

You've been named executor. Now what?

Getting everything settled - even with the most basic estate - can be a daunting experience. It doesn't need to be for you. Use this estate planning piece as your step-by-step guide for knowing what to do next. 

Looking to create liquidity in your estate?

Handing down greater wealth can leave your heirs subject to paying estate taxes on the state level, federal level, or both. Read this article on how an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust works, and how it might insulate the transfer of your family's prized possessions. 

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