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Business Owners

You recognize the importance of financial planning.

But your time is a valuable commodity, and you spend it finding customers and keeping the company profitable.

We bring a focus to keeping the business intact, optimizing your wealth, and making sure your estate plan holds up. 

Keeping It Intact

Most business plans focus on growth and they gloss over the possibility of disaster. Dying before handing over control, or seeing a talented employee leave, can shut the doors for good. It can leave everybody in a difficult position. You’ll need to find ways to keep employees engaged, and make sure your business partners and your family are protected in case something goes wrong.

    We focus on:

  • Key Employee Retention Strategies
  • Employee Benefits
  • Group 401(k) Review
  • Buy/Sell Funding Strategies
  • Business Continuation
  • Business Succession
  • Insurance Design and Procurement


You know how to make your money work for you. It’s what you’ve been doing all along. But if you’re not always looking, it can be difficult to spot opportunities like deferring more in taxes and growing business or personal cash accounts.

    We can help by:

  • Reviewing your personal and business cash flows
  • Reviewing your employee census data
  • Exploring different designs for qualified retirement plans
  • Managing reserve accounts
  • Managing personal investments
  • Considering alternative investment strategies

Maintaining the Estate

As you deal with endless coordination efforts between your business and your personal finances, things tend to get lost in the shuffle. With so many moving parts, you’ll want to make sure that your overall estate plan isn't damaged and still holds water.

    We can ease this process by:

  • Discussing your estate planning goals
  • Reviewing your beneficiaries
  • Titling your assets properly
  • Developing strategies to handle estate tax liabilities

If you run a business and want to know more, we'd love to hear from you. 

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